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Mark Emory, Facilities Manager at Gonzaga College High School

“Palm Facility Services has been more than just a cleaning service for our facilities. We have a well-established operating partnership in promoting health and efficient solutions. As real estate professionals, they truly understand the operational logistics of our day-to-day priorities and diverse facility needs. Our students, faculty, parents and stakeholders respect the difference Palm makes in our campus culture and student life. We can always count on their team getting the job done right every time.”

Professor Herbert A. Behre, CPM

Herb Behre is a respected adjunct graduate professor at the University of Maryland and Georgetown University. He has successfully managed the property management operations for the Oliver Carr Company, the JBG Companies, Faison and others. He also received a his Master of Education in Counseling and Psychology from the University of Maryland, which provides him with the necessary knowledge to evaluate existing real estate property management organizations.